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«Elena and Beatriz Perelli are designers, sisters, and founders of the Madrid-based Las Perelli design studio. With a unique approach to creating spaces that contribute to a client’s wellbeing, the sisters are known for bringing a modern sensibility to the renovation of country houses. We caught up with Elena and Beatriz as they shared insight into their creative process, inspirations, and favourite types of projects. «


«Más allá de los clásicos y estridentes tonos, ellas demuestran que en blanco, dorado y verde y con poco, muy poco, se puede construir un ambiente único.
Ellas saben cómo y hemos querido descubrir de su mano por qué se han convertido en las interioristas de moda.» «Beyond the classic and strident tones, they show that in white, gold and green and with little, very little, you can create a unique atmosphere.
They know how and we wanted to find out from them why they have become the fashionable interior designers. «

Arquitectura y Diseño

«The Madrid based studio Las Perelli has designed the interior of this new house located in a village in Segovia, which exudes tranquillity, temporality and sophistication thanks to its intervention»

Arquitectura y Diseño

In its September 2022 issue, Arquitectura y Diseño magazine includes Elena & Beatriz Perelli in its selection of the best professionals to renovate your home